Battle Helm Rating

I have a feeling that I’ve come into contact with both bands on this split one time or another in the past but I can’t for the fuck remember if I’ve heard anything by them before this disc dropped in on me. DRAMA has a melancholic touch to their black metal without making it DSBM. There is much more of a heavy doomy metal sound to it. Even if I haven’t heard anything from DRAMA prior to this I find myself liking this. It is my kind of melancholy. PERDITION WINDS only contribute with one track to DRAMA’s two. But this is something totally different. Still black metal but much more chaotic and basic. I am not too sure that the two contrasts make for a very nice split. They are in my taste too far from each other. PERDITION WINDS are not bad. I still like the track. It is just not the split partner that I would have liked to have. But hey, why complain when you get two cool bands for the price of one? Anders Ekdahl

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