DRAVGR “De Ferrro Italico”

“De Ferrro Italico”
(To React Records)
I like Italian black metal. Handful Of Hate has provided me with some of my greatest Italian black metal experience. I don’t know if it is because the Pope lives in the Vatican or what it is but Italian black metal bands seem more inspired in their resentment towards Christianity. Dravgr are new to my ears but I like what I hear. All hell breaks loose from the very first note. OK that there are some symphonic tendencies but that apart this is black metal of the more furious kind. The one that gallops like a mad Arabian about to be castrated. This is black metal that is inspired by all that is black in the world. So there are some folk tendencies too. So what. That doesn’t make it a folk metal album. This is still black metal to strip the paint off walls. Cool stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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