DRAWN AWAKE “Reflection”

I didn’t know that there were this many bands in Finland that I had not heard of. But that seems to be the case and every week it seems like I’m discovering at least one new Finnish band. This week it is DRAWN AWAKE. Not knowing anything about them it is with a blindfold I take this on. And from what I hear I can tell that this is death metal in the more melodic school. Nothing wrong with that. I like melodic death metal just as I like melodeath or ultra brutal death metal. You could argue that there is a Gothenburg feel to DRAWN AWAKE along the lines of bands like Taetre, Gardenia and the likes. Bands that are a bit more on the heavy side of things. I gotta admit that I like what I hear on this EP. There is a charm to it that I find hard to resist. Anders Ekdahl

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