(Immortal Frost Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

This is yet another band that is new to me. I have always thought it more interesting to discover new bands than it is to follow already known to me bands. I rather buy an album by a to me unknown band than the latest Metallica album. I find that much more rewarding. So getting to hear this album by DRAWN INTO DESCENT is so much more fun than hearing the latest Iron Maiden or Anthrax albums. This is musically what I’d like to call dsbm. It is slow and it is melancholic. Maybe even a tad atmospheric. But you get an idea what ball park they operate in at least. What I like with this kind of black metal is the melancholic side. The almost dreamy aura that they create with the music. That puts me in a trance like state of mind. This was a nice surprise. Anders Ekdahl

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