Dread Sovereign – “All Hell’s Martyrs”


Dread Sovereign – “All Hell’s Martyrs” (Ván Records)

With the unmistakeable name of Nemtheanga being one part of the triumvirate making up the awesome Dread Sovereign, you know that Irish metal is once again in our midst led in the powerful persona of Alan Averill. Here he almost returns to his roots of Primordial, strapping on the bass and altering his vocal style to that of a demented wailing monk to accompany Dread’s raw, old school black doom style that reaches right into your guts and slowly rips out them right out in front of your face! Evil, hewn bass with heaps of reverb in generous salutation to Cronos a la ‘Black Metal’, psychedelic doom master riffs graced by lavish clanging metallic melodies and dull drums muffled by coffin dust enough to fill a crypt lay waste on typically decadent 8 minute epics like ‘Pray To The Devil In Man‘, ‘We Wield the Spear of Longinus‘ and ‘Drink The Wine’. No wasteful tedium, no blasphemous production pretence or sinful technical frills, Dread Sovereign take you into purgatory on a mindblowing album that stretches for an eternity as you long for redemption and ultimately receive your salvation.

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