“Zero One”
I am not too sure about the band name. I get strange images in my head when I see the name. Don’t know why but for some reason I react negatively towards the name. But that is me. Thankfully the music from this German band doesn’t give me the same kinda feelings. This is described as modern thrash metal, and since I have no idea what the hell that means I’ll ignore it. Instead I’ll say that this reminds me of a Morbid Angel gone thrash metal. There is that same heaviness to this as to “Blessed Are The Sick”. If that is modern thrash metal then I’m all for it. Good is it any which way. I like the heaviness that Dreadlink bring to their metal. It is like a really slow-mo blow to the stomach. You see it coming but there is nothing you can do about it. Anders Ekdahl

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