Battle Helm Rating

I am sorry to say so but the first time I saw this bands name it made me think of a reggae band. But after having played it I can assure you that this is as far away from reggae as you can get. I honestly don’t know how to fully describe this. I would like to say that this is sludge because it has that slow, dirty feel to it but it also has a really dirty blues feel to it. At best this brings up images of a Nick Cave binging on goth and death rock, sitting with his guitar and trying to write songs. And as much as I love Nick Cave this is not a costume I’d like to see him in. DREADLORDS have their moments and even if it has that dark mood that much of the stuff I usually listen to have this is at times a tad too bluesy for me. I am not saying that this is bad. All I am saying is that this take a certain mood to fully appreciate it and that mood am I in not too often. Anders Ekdahl

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