“Fallen Angel”
Goth metal might be a watered down genre by now but every now and then a new band comes along that shakes my foundation. Canadian Dream Aria is one of these bands. By chance I came upon them on MySpace, sent them a message and now I sit here with their third album. The same thing that happened with The Beckoning. Another Canadian band that blew me away. Dream Aria might mix a lot of different styles to make a perfect drink but too many ingredients don’t automatically make for a good tasting concoction. Luckily Dream Aria has managed to find a perfect balance of styles to make “Fallen Angel” a good tasting album of modern goth metal. It’s nice to hear a goth metal album that surprises you instead of rehashing the same old. I’m pretty impressed by this album. And I’m happy I got to hear it because I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on this album. Anders Ekdahl

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