Dreamcatcher – “Soul Freedom”

“Soul Freedom”
(Rising Records)

Quite a surprise this one – a new prog / symphonic band from the northern English city of Leeds no less! Taking inspirational elements from the likes of Dream Theatre, Kamelot or Nightwish, Dreamcatcher have formed their own multi layered style incorporating the full range of instruments but thanks to Jacob Hansen’s production (and guest vocals on ‘Take Hold’) are always to the fore in the mix and in harmony! What really works is that songs like ‘The Eyes Of One’ and the aptly titled ‘Never Look Back’ always seems to be on the go even in the quieter pieces, propelled by the band’s positive energy. It’s clearly worked, as Dreamcatcher have managed to harness, in addition to Hansen, the talent of Gustavo Sazes who has handled artwork for Angra, Arch Enemy and Firewind, showing a band that is not only going places, but taking everyone with them along their journey.

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