DREAMING DEAD “Midnightmares”

Whenever I get a record that reminds me of some of my favourite bands I just have to sit up and take extra notice. When I heard Dreaming Dead’s sophomore album it hit me immediately how much I miss Chuck and his Death. Not that Dreaming Dead are that close to Death musically but there is that same ambience to this death metal that there was on the latter Death records. Add to that Opeth and you get a pretty good picture of what to expect from this album. And expect something great you should because this is one of the better death metal albums on the more technical side (no, it is not another jazzy excursion in futile mastery) I’ve heard this year. This is musicianship on the highest level. Kinda like it was with Death. No showing off for showing offs sake. Just three highly skilled musicians doing their best. And what best that is. Check it out not just because you miss Death but because you love Death. Anders Ekdahl

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