(Ice Warrior)
Dreamtale is another band that I have no idea ever existed. I really hate finding out about bands after they disbanded or to get sent albums that has been re-released because that means that I have no idea whatsoever what the band was about and how they fitted in with the time they operated within. All I can do now is listen and enjoy and thinking about why I didn’t hear about them when they were around. Dreamtale’s music might be timeless. This is like Helloween gone symphonic in my ears. A combo that might seem like a sacrilege but it actually works in my ears. I’m a huge Helloween fan and this brings out memories of why I like them so much. Dreamtale’s metal is both huge as well as dramatic. It feels like you are invited to a huge dinner at the castle listening to this album. This is like living the dream. All fancy and grandeur. Nothing like the emperor’s new clothes. This is fully dressed metal of the biggest kind. BIG! Anders Ekdahl

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