DREEMWICH ”Beyond Imagination”

”Beyond Imagination”
(Arkeyn Steel)

Battle Helm Rating

I know that it is harder and harder to come up with a really cool band name and that you have to find new ways to stand out but no matter how you spell your name you will get confused when the name is pronounced and there are more bands with similar names. It was true even back in the early 90s when this Topeka, Kansas band was active. I think I saw them mentioned in a fanzine or two back in the days. I might even have heard a song or two on some compilation from back then but I can’t remember. That they have a vocalist that sound like Geoff Tate can be seen as both positive and negative. I chose to go with the positive. But if I were to place them anywhere musically I’d do so alongside Queensrÿche, and not just because of the vocals. Musically this has similarities to early Queensrÿche. This release collects all the material that DREEMWICH managed to get down on tape. Arkeyn Steel has yet again managed to track down some really cool metal that should not go unheard. This is a really cool slab of power heavy metal. Anders Ekdahl

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