Drenched In Blood – “Hail To The Slaughter”


Drenched In Blood – “Hail To The Slaughter” (Endwar Records)

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If there were a prize for how many bands you could hear in an album’s compositions then Germany’s Drenched In Blood would be a worthy contender – their very handle is also the namesake for a Turbonegro song! Although classed by some as death / thrash I would confidently chuck in black and even some goth doom along the lines of Katatonia. In fact, it’s probably easier to just name some of the bands from Metallica to Dark Throne to Entombed – and that’s just a few – with the sound following on depending on the style(s)! That said, the musicianship is certainly quality, executed commendably and the material is certainly on par with some of these big name bands sound wise, hence why their first album ‘New Apocalypse’, released in 2008, was already enough to gain an interest for this follow up. From big savage thrash riffs to melancholic melodies to blast beating, Drenched In Blood seem to be able to handle it all on songs like ‘War Is The Only Answer’, ‘My Destiny’ and ‘Stand Alone’. With Tommy Fischer’s vocals dexterously matching the range from guttural drawls to black screamo and even some emo goth, Drenched In Blood seem to have something for everyone although I hope they start to forge more of a definitive sound of their own after this promising sophomore.

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