DRUKNROLL “On The Knife Blade”

“On The Knife Blade”
(Metal Scrap Records)
Druknroll might be a weird band name but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out this band if you like industrial/thrash metal light. This isn’t as bad as it may sound. For most parts it’s like any other thrash metal album. Nothing strange about it at all. They just through in some time changes and breaks and a bit of noise here and there. A keyboard or two makes appearances but other than that the guitars chug away like any other good thrash metal record. I must admit that I was a bit sceptical before I actually got round to hearing this but I must say that they proved me wrong on more than one levels. If thrash metal is your fancy then and you don’t mind keyboard and clean vocals then you might find a new favourite in Druknroll. I know I have. Anders Ekdahl

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