DUDLEY TAFT “Deep Deep Blue”

”Deep Deep Blue”
(American Blues Artist Group)
I have no idea if DUDLEY TAFT is a dude or a band. And not that it really matters anyway. All I care about is if the music is any good. If it is a solo artist or a band is of little importance to me. And not being at all familiar with this it could turn out to be anything between heaven and hell. There used to be a time in the 90s when I tried to dig deeper into the blues scene. I had this crazy idea of finding the true blues sound, the sound that I had built in my head. I gave up on it real quick and just settled for listening and not looking. DUDLEY TAFT is a new acquaintance to me but I guess that is only because I haven’t been looking, just listening to the stuff that has come my way. This is the kind of blues rock that makes my legs want to move involuntarily. It is hard to sit still when you listen to this album. I gotta find out more about this. Anders Ekdahl

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