DUSIUS ”Memory Of A Man”

”Memory Of A Man”
(Extreme Metal Music)

Battle Helm Rating

I know that my mind does work in mysterious ways but sometimes it works in ways that are even too mysterious for me. Like with DUSIUS. My mind tells me that this is some old Roman general that has risen from the dead and is now playing metal. I don’t know about the Roman general part but I sure hope this is a hell of a metal ride. Yet I wasn’t too off thinking of a Roman general as this is a 7 piece strong Italian folk/pagan/heathen/symphonic metal band. I really like the anthemic feel of bands like Arkona or Doomsword. The kind of march like vibe that these bands has going in their music. Listening to it you feel like you want to join them in their crusade. I get the same kinda feeling when I listen to this album. I really want to join DUSIUS crusade. Anders Ekdahl

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