DUSKMACHINE “Duskmachine”

You might know the names Joe Comeau and Randy Black or you might not. Either way this is the second DUSKMACHINE album and with what seems like a very unstable and changing line-up who knows what it will look like on a third album. So this might be the only time we will hear these guys play on the same album. I like both Overkill and Annihilator and this is kinda like something in between those bands musically. This is metal in all its classic clothing. If you like metal you will most likely find something on this album that will be of interest to you. I know that I’ve done so. If you like you could call this power metal the American way. Think a harder Savatage when they were power metal and you’ll get an even clearer picture of where to find this album. A very nice piece of metal. Anders Ekdahl

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