Dust Bolt – “Awake The Riot”


Dust Bolt – “Awake The Riot” (Napalm Records)

Voted by Metal Hammer Germany as the Top Newcomer Act In Metal Music and winners of the 2011 Wacken Metal Battle, Germany’s Dust Bolt are now onto their second album with little surprises in being another no holds barred thrash fest! Taking inspiration ironically more from US bands like Metallica, Testament and especially Sacred Reich their attraction for me is less on the predictable elements of breakneck delivery but more on the whale size song hooks garnered from the best and dished out a plenty on songs like ‘Soul Erazor’, ‘Drowned In Blind Faith’ and ‘Worlds Built To Deceive’. Still youngsters compared to their inspirational greats, there’s a way to go before they can tread in the footsteps of their legends, but all the elements are there in the musicianship with Flo D showing some serious potential in his guitar riffs and some excellent soloing while the rest of the band show so signs of flagging in their precision delivery – it’s certainly caused a riot to date on many of their supporting tour!

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