Dust Bolt – “Trapped In Chaos”

Dust Bolt – “Trapped In Chaos” (Napalm Records) 
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Wow, like 12 years on and Dust Bolt are here with their 4th album – and even singer / guitarist Lenny Bruce is surprised! Despite his very humble posture of almost feeling knighted at his band’s success, Dust Bolt have come a long way, at each step growing but always in line with fans’ expectations but never forgetting their past of ‘… playing every shit hole that has electricity…’! “Trapped In Chaos” is pay dirt for all those years of dedication and focus, containing 11 tracks of Dust Bolt’s trademark thrash n burn, but equally plenty of moments where the band show their maturity and even try the odd epic ballad in ‘Another Day In Hell’, although it’s thankfully not too far off the mark and most of all, remains respectful of the formula that’s made them successful. Call it their “Ride The Lightning” and certainly there’s plenty of massive, hook laden riffs that made Metallica and Metal Church famous, but equally hyper speed technicality courtesy of Flotsam & Jetsam, along with some monstrous power grooving inspired by the likes of Sacred Reich. For his part, Bruce himself has embraced a wider range in his vocals, actually singing rather than just roaring and screaming (and even touching on black metal in one part of ‘Bloody Rain’) like one would expect him to. It’s no better exemplified than on the title track ‘Trapped In Chaos’ with its instantaneous hook of heavy chundering riffs laced with subtle melodies and breaks before opening the throttle for full rip roaring razor riffs that bounce around the senses as the guitars get wilder until the abrupt end – nice. Rollicking away on the mid tempo ‘Chaos Possession’ with some very sassy breaks and screaming tremolo, the grooves aligned with shout outs just steam away as drummer Nico Remann really starts to smash into his kit to build the song before culminating in a massively heavy head banging ending – wow! If the feedback crescendo on the more punked out closer of ‘Who I Am’ doesn’t do your ears in, then the dirty twisting electro grooves will certainly have you in heaven as the catchy licks get flicked in while Bruce shouts in the rhyming lyrics before some classic heavy metal warbling from both guitars wails so agonisingly that those trems must’ve been totalled. Continuing their ascendancy with yet another step up release, “Trapped In Chaos” is a hearty bravo to the beasts of Bavaria!
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