DYING HUMANITY “Living On The Razor’s Edge”

“Living On The Razor’s Edge”
(Bastardized Recordings)
German death metal isn’t my strong side. Beside Morgoth and Fleshcrawl I haven’t paid too much attention to that side of the German metal tree. Not that I wouldn’t like what I hear but simply because there has been so much other death metal to check out. Dying Humanity has a melodeath feel to their music but there is a more aggressive side to the sound too. I have a hard time pinpointing what it is that their death metal reminds me of but there is a familiar touch to it. Maybe it is that I remember old German bands like Deathrow fondly and want to relive that feeling again. Maybe it is because Dying Humanity hits all the right spots in my death metal heart. Whatever it is with “Living On The Razor’s Edge” (why does that title sound so familiar) I can’t help not liking it. As somebody who likes this whole melodeath thing I can’t help resisting Dying Humanity. Anders Ekdahl

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