Dynazty – “Firesign”

Dynazty – “Firesign” (AFM Records) 

Battle Helm Rating

Oh wow, this is nothing short of spectacular! Touted by this Swedish melodic metal band as their best album ever, I’d certainly have to agree given the astounding material on show here. Complete with a new, stripped down organic sound both for production and songwriting, it’s all vividly brought to life under the masterful hands of renowned Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain) on this 6th album. Formed in 2008, it didn’t take long before Dynazty’s releases were charting and they were supporting Sabaton across Europe and even touring themselves in China! Now comes “Firesign” and it’s nothing short of a ripper, charged to the max with energy, incredible passion and most of all, unbelievably catchy melodies that make you wonder if the band did a deal with the devil himself ha ha. Everyone, I mean everyone here is firing (no pun intended) on all cylinders across the 11 potent tracks here from the astounding vocals of Nils Molin, who’s just brimming with soul and whose range is nothing short of breathtaking along to the twin guitars of the aptly named Love Magnusson and Mikael Lavér who croon, swagger, wail and most of all, rock you all night until the break of dawn. Backed by the heavy rhythm of Jonathan Olsson’s bass, George Egg’s mighty drums and an orchestral keyboard backing, “Firesign” is damn near the perfect melodic metal release and definitely a contender for album of the year! From the dramatic power melodies on ‘Follow Me’ courtesy of the thick guitars and backing keys made all the more gutsy thanks to that pumping rhythm, Molin comes in majestically with his steaming passion, matched only by the passionate virtuosity of the solo which just burns itself into your heart. With the keys adding a prog touch on the slower, but no less deep title track ‘Firesign’, the chugging combination of the twin guitars and rhythm lay the epic foundation for Molin’s soulful grace backed by a pumping chorus, made all the more stellar by the dazzling and warbling guitar melodies flirting in and out throughout this tantalising track. Despite its title, ‘The Grey’ pushed itself ahead of the already high quality pack to grab me and never let go thanks to Molin’s utterly possessing vocals, soaring and building into climax time and again backed by the dramatic orchestrals and those unforgettably majestic guitars. Still ringing in my ears, “Firesign” fully lived up to its name in every aspect, garnering a new found respect for this awesome band known as Dynazty!

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