Dynazty – “The Dark Delight”

Dynazty – “The Dark Delight” (AFM Records)

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Wow, if you were as impressed as I was with 2018’s “Firesign” album, which Dynazty themselves touted as being their best release ever at the time, then get ready for “The Dark Delight”, as it not only continues the blazing trail of this band – but actually surpasses it! Yes, truly, cos if it’s those hugely catchy but epic Scandinavian guitar melodies, ABBA inspired harmonies and not forgetting Nils Molin’s deeply soul stirring vocals that you crave, then the 12 tracks on “The Dark Delight” do just that while backed by a matching hard rock gusto to give it all plenty of balls. Produced by Dynazty and mixed by world renowned Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, U.D.O., Destruction, Flotsam & Jetsam, etc) the sound is fresh and energetic to match the band’s overpowering positivity and uplift not just in those killer riffs, but also the ecstatic solos from the aptly named Love Magnusson and Mike Lavér, as well as some electric dance keyboard melodies. Together they make “The Dark Delight” nothing short of a bombshell! As the keys rock in on ‘Paradise Of The Architect’, George Egg’s drums pound in in dramatic contrast before Molin’s soul stylishly rolls and dances with the melodies before the massive chorus just grabs your heart and explodes it in beauty. Get the picture?! Well, there’s more, a whole lot more and while “The Black” may start off more serenely, you can already feel the emotional build up to the huge killer chorus that just lets rip as the band let it all hang out in an incredible mix of flowing virtuoso guitars, Molin’s embracing vocals and undeniable hard rock power. With the keys leading the dance beat on ‘Heartless Madness’, Molin beckons you on to ‘…just close your eyes, blind yourself to truth…’ as the chopping beats and electro soul match his own before the crooning guitars blend in for – yep you guessed it – yet another hook laden chorus until soloing you straight off to guitar heaven! Switching to the guitars and hard rock pounding on ‘Apex’, I love the dramatic riff chugging contrasting with Molin’s tempered soul although this time, the chorus smashes you early on before the cycle repeats to leave you utterly exhausted (in bliss). Similarly, in acoustic fashion is the lead up to ‘The Road To Redemption’ with its country vibe of slide guitar sounds and hoof beat percussion, before the passion detonation explodes through an utterly stirring chorus and nothing short of a highlight performance from Molin on this already stupendous album. As the singer puts it ‘…we pulled out all the stops, pulled no punches and held nothing back on this one…’ – and you’d better believe it!

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