DYNFARI “Sem Skuggin”

“Sem Skuggin”
Every time I come upon an Icelandic metal band I’m impressed. Maybe not so much by the music as for the fact that there are metal bands at all on Iceland. I thought all young people left the island as soon as they could to find jobs. But apparently there are those that struggle on living on the volcanic island in the middle of the sea. And what music would fit the landscape better than black metal. This is cold and slow like life is in the winter when the wind blows in from all over. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I like this kind of minimalistic black metal where you get the basics fulfilled. No grand symphonic arrangements or massive choirs. Just to the bone black metal. This would be the perfect music to listen to while driving across the island. Perhaps you make it round before the albums ends. Anders Ekdahl

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