DYONISIS “Intoxicated”

I don’t know how drunk I’ll get from listening to this British band named after the Greek god of wine DYONISIS (Bacchus in Roman mythology). Hopefully this will end up having been one hell of a Bacchanalia that will leave me with a bunch of great memories. Nobody wants to leave a party feeling like it’s been the dullest of sleepovers. I must say that I wasn’t too impressed at first but as I delved deeper into this EP I got a sense of what the band is after. I like the atmosphere that they have created. It is very nurturing and warm yet sparse. This is the kind of goth metal that I like so much and can listen to for a very long time over and over again. It is nice to every now and then get a record that soothes your senses instead of hammering them into a pulp. DYONISIS is like honey for my ears. Anders Ekdahl

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