Early Graves – “Red Horse”

Early Graves – “Red Horse” (No Sleep Records)

Rest In Peace mah brutha. In the summer of 2010, this San Francisco noise core crew suffered the tragic loss of singer Makh Daniels, killed in a van accident. After a year of mourning and no doubt wondering if the band should continue given the daunting task of replacing Makh’s considerable vocal and onstage presence, as fate would have it Funeral Pyre’s John Strachan (who bizarrely were in the same van during the accident!) decided to step up to the plate. “Red Horse” is his baptism of fire and brings the same fucked up beyond shit, feedback drenched pummeling noise core that brutalized us to musical ecstasy the first time around and now does the same again on obnoxious songs like ‘Skinwalker’, ‘Days Grow Cold’ and ‘Apocolyptic Nights’. Loud, dirty guitars, distorted bass and pummeling drum work form the backdrop for Strachan’s tortured, throat strained vocals – which although higher than Makh’s – lack no less the intensity of his much missed and legendary predecessor. Early Graves live on, carried thru the darkness by the steed known as “Red Horse”.

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