Earth Ship – “Hollowed”


Earth Ship – “Hollowed” (Napalm Records)

Battle Helm Rating

If you like all the aspects of sludge, stoner and doom rolled into one awesome package then Berlin’s Earth Ship will float your boat! Formed only 6 years ago, they’ve already released 3 prior albums and now comes the mighty “Hollow”. With influences ranging from Crowbar to High On Fire and Alice In Chains, expect plenty of thick down tuned riffs and droning guitars, heavy phat ass bass and demolition drumming on songs like ‘Monolith‘ and ‘In Fire’s Light‘. But equally in their mellower moments, prepare to be enchanted by the trance vocal harmonies of the husband and wife team of Jan (guitars, vocals) and Sabine Oberg (bass, vocals) and more trippier, groovier and even somewhat bluesy elements like on ‘Safeguard Of Death‘ or the epic, fuzz drenched closer ‘The Edge Of Time‘. There is a tremendous versatility to these Berliners which as a purist I would ordinarily frown upon, but the talent and desire for perfection that is inherent in the 11 tracks here is undeniable, along with Earth Ship’s ability to grab you and keep you attentive throughout their impressive album!

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