EARTHEN GRAVE “Earthen Grave”

”Earthen Grave”
I like my doom any way I can get it. Be it really slow and simple or so OTT that you have to hold on to your hat. US act EARTHEN GRAVE seem to have that OTT thing going for them judging by the photos I’ve seen of them. I love Black Sabbath. And everything that even remotely resembles the sound of that band gets my two thumps up. And EARTHEN GRAVE is kinda like listening to “Vol 4” mixed with “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” yet not at all. There is that old mixed with new feel to this album. Add some Trouble to the sound and you pretty much know where to look for this album. I love this kind of doomy metal. That they do a Witchfinder General cover (“Burning A Sinner”) as well as a cover of Rainbow’s “Stargazer” too just proves me right. This is some seriously cool stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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