EARTHMASS “Lunar Dawn (Keep, Relic & Ritual)”

“Lunar Dawn (Keep, Relic & Ritual)”
It is quite adventurous to release a one song only record. It’s a win/lose situation. You gotta win over the listener in one song and if it isn’t any good you’ll lose them straight away. No redeeming features, no other songs to win the m back. Just one, long song the way Sleep or more lately My Dying Bride has done it. My hope for this is that it will musically be like a cross between Sleep and My Dying Bride. Doom and gloom times 4. And it started promising. With the promise of something potentially good I sat back to enjoy this 20 minute journey. Perhaps not as psyched out as Sleep or as doomy as My Dying Bride this still turned out to be heavy and psychedelic enough for me to want to go on the ride again. Another 20 minutes of enjoyment to look forward too. Anders Ekdahl

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