Echoes – “With An Eye On The Shoreline & A Hand To The Sea”

Echoes – “With An Eye On The Shoreline & A Hand To The Sea” EP (

Phew, what a mouthful that title is – an cerebrally challenging too LOL! Described as an ambient post hardcore metal band from the famous cathedral city of Winchester in England, Echoes EP is aptly titled as it certainly reminds me of the sea, which at times is tranquil whilst at others a storm, yet by the shore an alternating mix of the two. And so it is too with the band’s music from Joshua Thurnbin’s brutish hardcore vocals contrasted with his delicate gothic keyboard melodies to the metallic clanging guitar melodies of messrs Koch and Cadden before they hit the overdrive box, and Oliver Todd’s drums? Well, he just seems to be hitting them and smashing those cymbals like he’s trying to create his own tidal wave on deep songs like ‘Rivers’, ‘Safe It Seems’ and ‘Leaving None Behind’ – and they certainly won’t folks.

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