ECHOTIME “Genuine”

To me ECHOTIME is all the time. There is no specific part of the clock set aside for the echo. You just throw it out whenever you feel like it. Hopefully I’ll feel that same about ECHOTIME’s music. That this is the kind of music that you can listen to whenever you feel like it. The concept for this album seems to be very elaborate. I’m not gonna go into it in any detail (it is not a very nice picture that they paint of the world) but if you like you metal to be concept albums then this might give you some satisfaction. Musically it ain’t too shabby either. It is in some ways typical Italian symphonic power metal. And as a huge fan of that particular style I find this album to be very pleasing. Like many other stories this is a battle between good and evil. I won’t tell you who wins. I will tell you though that musically this is one for the good guys. Anders Ekdahl

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