ECHTRA “Sky Burial”

“Sky Burial”
(Temple Of Torturous)
When I got into metal back in the 80s black metal was Venom and Witchfynde and Mercyful Fate and the likes. You pretty much knew what to expect. These days black metal is just an umbrella. Underneath you’ll find everything and then some. So by describing ECHTRA as black metal doesn’t really say too much about them. This is black metal that owes a lot to the likes of Burzum and latter day acts like Xasthur. Call it funeral drone black metal if you like. This is more about creating an atmosphere than it is about being brutal slaying Christians. I gotta admit that I love early Burzum and the eerie, creepy feeling that he created on those records. I like the desolate feeling ECHTRA creates on this album. It makes me want to listen to some Lustre just to

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