ECLIPSE “Triumph Of The pain”

“Triumph Of The Pain”
(Metal Scrap Records/More Hate Productions)
I like Cannibal Corpse and have done so ever since I heard their debut album. My relationship with them has been up and down but I’ve stood by them no matter what. So whenever I hear an album clearly inspired/influenced by Cannibal Corpse I listen with an extra ear. Eclipse plummet me with their intense death metal. No prisoners are left behind. It is kill or be killed. I will survive. Nothing is going to kill me. I will take on Eclipse’ death metal with all necessary means available. And although it will be an epic battle I will stand victorious in the end. I like this kind of very primal, not simple, death metal. There is something liberating to full on, no holds death metal. It’s like a cleansing of all everyday bullshit we get subjected to. You come out on the other side feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world again. What else could you want from a death metal album? Anders Ekdahl

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