ECNEPHIAS “Necrogod”

Apart from a band name that is pretty hard to pronounce to begin with this band says nothing to me. If I’ve heard of them before I’ve forgotten all about them. If I haven’t heard anything about them before I got sent this new album then it is with a clean slate that I embrace them. But it does start on good note. This shows potential to be a very atmospheric metal album that might be hard to pin point to exact genre status. They might have started out as a melodic death metal band but that has to be a long time ago. And even though there might be traces of it still in the sound of the band they have like f x Katatonia evolved beyond their tag by now. This is metal on the more extreme side that incorporates sounds of other metal genres to make it a totally different entity. So if you like for your metal to include more than one genre and you don’t mind it being atmospheric and melancholic and you haven’t discovered this Italian band you, just like me, will have a new friend in ECNEPHIAS. Anders Ekdahl

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