Ecstatic Vision – “Raw Rock Fury”

Ecstatic Vision – “Raw Rock Fury” (Relapse Records)

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Philadelphia. The city of brotherly love. Well, if you define love as in Hawkwind, Sly & The Family Stone and the MC5, then maaaaan, the trance inducing primal heavy psych of Ecstatic Vision will have you in bliss! Self titled as ‘troglodyde rock’, I’d actually say the Philly quartet are being a bit harsh to themselves in implying some sorta neanderthalistic approach to their music? Sure, the raw guitars and hoarse vocals of Doug Sabolik at times make the band sound like early Motorhead as on the opener ‘You Got It (Or You Don’t)’, but when you add the funky sax and way cool harmonica of Kevin Nickles this is a trip into the light fantastic across 4 multi part songs totaling 8 wondrous tracks. Although trance, this isn’t quite as tribal as their 2015 debut “Sonic Praise”, with a definite groove in no small part propelled by the rumbling vibe of bassist Michael Field Connor on ‘Twinkling Eye Pt. 3’. If the MC5 coined ‘Kick Out The Jams’ then the massive multi layered jams captured here through live take recording definitely are no small measure considering ‘The Electric Step Pts 1 & 2’ as Sabolik’s spaced out ramblings take you on an astral odyssey while Nicklesharmonica and sax flash by like shooting stars. Seamless joined into one long trip like the cosmos itself, “Raw Rock Fury” does exactly that in its own funky mind bending way.  What the hell maaaaan, Hippy Rock lives!

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