Edenbridge – “The Bonding”

Edenbridge – “The Bonding” (Steamhammer / SPV)

Despite being named after a quaint English village, this symphonic band are actually from Austria! Formed in the late 90s and centered around the exquisite voice of Sabine Edelsbacher and guitarist / keyboardist / founder Lanvall’s orchestral compositions, Edenbridge’s music is indeed a beautiful representation of it’s namesake. It’s been three long years since we heard from the band and that has been down to personal tragedy with losses to both Sabine and Lanvall’s families, hence this album’s title dealing with human connection and moreover a universal energy connecting us to mother nature (these guys are also Trekkies – Ed). Considering what has happened, “The Bonding” is an outstanding achievement if anything owing to it’s overwhelmingly passionate and radiantly uplifting feeling through masterful songs like ‘Star Crossed Dreamer’, ‘Into A Sea Of Souls’ and ‘Death Is Not The End’. It’s easy to dismiss Edenbridge as romantic luvvies in search of pristine fields filled with unicorns but that really is how their music is from Sabine’s angelic voice to Lanvall’s delicate melodies – and most of all, their powerful passion through which they have touched my heart with their undying love.

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