Edguy – “Monuments”

Edguy – “Monuments” 2CD / DVD (Nuclear Blast)

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In many ways the story of German power / heavy metallers Edguy is what teenagers dream about. Founded in the early 90s at school when the founders were 14 years old with their name derived from a teacher, the band grew up in a small town that saw them play shows before attending concerts themselves! Some 25 years later and Edguy have toured the world and are a major name in their homeland – something that still amazes front man Tobias Sammet, along with his original band mates who’ve pretty much grown up together thanks to the miracle of Edguy. To celebrate the dream, the band have chosen to release this extravagant compilation, made up of 22 old songs, 5 new songs, and a previously unreleased song from the original “Savage Poetry” recordings back in 1995. The DVD is made up of 14 tracks from the entire 2004 ‘Hellfire Club’ live show in Brazil along with 8 of the band’s official videos. Playing a catchy blend of lighter metal with a heavy emphasis on melody and singalong catchiness, there are also elements that lend to Bon Jovi AOR and the theatrical rock of Styx, along with a tongue in cheek side that keeps the band on the side of the fans. Right from the previously unreleased ‘Reborn in the Waste’ going right back to the beginning judging by the youthful sound of Tobias’s voice to new opener ‘Ravenblack’ with its hard style matched by its gripping chorus and Tobias’s come of age vocals there’s been very little change to the band’s core sound and spirit – not to mention line up itself – which is pretty much I guess how the band and fans like it! Along the way of course, there’s ‘The Piper Never Dies’, ‘Judas at the Opera’ and my personal fave ‘The Eternal Wayfarer’ that speak for themselves as testimonies to the band’s success. With live shows already planned to make the dream come true for the fans, this best of compilation as selected by Tobias & co doesn’t just look back at all the great years, but more importantly looks forward to the next quarter of a century!

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