EDVIAN “2012”

(Metal Scrap)
OK, so the world did not go under as predicted by the Mayans. We live through it all and came out unharmed on the other side. That we’ve made it so far is no guarantee that we will make it all the way. Perhaps EDVIAN can give us the answer to our own demise with their album “2012”. If you don’t know if by know I’ll tell you that I’m a huge film buff. Got the diploma to prove it too. I have no problems sitting through an Ingmar Bergman film but I might enjoy a really cool US action film just as much. This album by EDVICIN made me think “The Mummy” (and not the Boris Karloff one) in the intro. There is an evil lurking feel to this album. Just as you thought you’d figured it out in comes a really heavy and evil sound. This is basically a progressive heavy metal album but as I said there is more than meets the ear. And that fact alone makes this a really cool album highly recommended if you like stuff like Stratovarius or Sonata Artica. Anders Ekdahl

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