EDxKEMPER “Cut Her Head And Love Her ”

“Cut Her Head And Love Her ”
(Symbol Of Domiantion)

Battle Helm Rating

I am not up to speed on my American serial killers. I know of Gein and Dammer and maybe some more but then that’s it. So if EDxKEMPER is a famous killer it is beyond my knowledge. I’m not that fascinated by these kind of monsters, very often found in America alone. Of course, this is grindcore. What else could it have been with a name like that? How stupid I was expecting this to be something along the lines of Cannibal Corpse. On a good day I like grindcore if it is played like Nasum or Early Napalm Death. This is, I’m afraid, too basic for me. This is like getting low fat milk when you expected regular 3%. Anders Ekdahl

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