EF “Delusions Of Grandeur”

“Delusions Of Grandeur”
Instrumental metal, or instrumental music in general is not my forte. Perhaps I’m too used to vocal music to fully appreciate there not being any vocals. I will not believe that it has anything to do with me not being a musician. I am a strong believer in that good music is easily understood by all people into good music. So it is with some sort of trepidation that I take on this. This is the kind of music that could easily put me to sleep, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. This is scenic that it makes my mind start wandering far away into dreamland. I paint great pictures in my mind listening to this. And the fact that it isn’t instrumental in any way doesn’t take away the dreamy quality. It kinda reminds me of a more organic Opeth without all the progressive tendencies. All in all a really nice record for soothing my over cooked mind. A record for stressed out everyday folks. Anders Ekdahl

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