EGOSYSTEMA ”Change Reality”

”Change Reality”

Battle Helm Rating

EGOSYSTEMA has a name that to me rings of Italy. I don’t know what really it is that sets that tone in me but I guess it comes from having been exposed to so many different Italian bands over the years. Or perhaps it is because I already am familiar with the band. I cannot be sure as my brain works in the most mysterious ways. When I listen to this I don’t really know where to place them. I get grunge vibes, I get modern metal vibes. I get Disturbed vibes, I get confused. But somehow in the mist of all this chaos I find myself digging what I hear. And that to me is the most important. It can remind me of whatever it likes as long as I like what I hear. If I do so I don’t really care what it reminds me of. I am into this to find the stuff that enriches my life. And that is something that EGOSYSTEMA has managed to do. This was positive surprise. Anders Ekdahl

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