EIBON LA FURIES “The Immoral Compass”

“The Immoral Compass”
I have no idea who you put the Victorian era to music but this lot seems to have made it their goal to be influenced by that period of British history. I have no arguments to come with if it is any good. Well I don’t really have any arguments to come with if it is bad. The first time I heard of this lot I thought that they were going to be weird like Ebony Lake but they are not. Sure, this isn’t you’re A to B kind of metal but there is a stringent touch to this that makes it not that hard to follow. What is annoying is that this reminds me of something I’ve heard before. I just can’t remember what it is. If you like you metal to present a challenge then this will be to your liking. If I were to stretch it a bit I’d say that there is a touch of Cradle Of Filth in this. Cool stuff indeed. Anders Ekdahl

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