EIGHT BELLS “The Captain’s Daughter”

“The Captain’s Daughter”
I like Amber Asylum. Don’t know if that will help me taking on EIGHT BELLS. Don’t even know why I> got to think of that band in connection with EIGHT BELLS. I just get that feeling that this could be as off the beaten track as Amber Asylum was the first time I heard them. And even though this most probably will be as far away from Amber Asylum musically I still can’t shake that feeling. All I know is that liking Amber Asylum has left me with an open mind. And an open mind is something you need listening to this. I would like to describe this as stoner jazz rock/metal. There is an element of jamming to the music that reminds me of jazz but I also get that wide open desert feeling to the music. In hindsight I wasn’t too far off thinking of Amber Asylum. This is as eclectic as AA, just in a whole different direction. I might not know too much about this kind of music but I know when I like something and I like this. Anders Ekdahl

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