EIGHT SINS “Serpents”

(Bad Mood)

Battle Helm Rating

I am not gonna keep going on about how I don’t understand today’s metalcore. Instead I’m gonna concentrate on looking for the positive sides of it and really try to embrace it. It was with that attitude that I took on this album by EIGHT SINS. I hadn’t needed to worry as this is much more classic hardcore than anything. I am really not that up on my hardcore of late and that is a shame which I realize when I get to hear an album like this. There is something very primal to a really good hardcore album. If I were to place this I’d say that this is pretty much east coast hc (if it still is a thing and not just me being out of date). There is gritty side to this that makes me think Madball, Agnostic Front and to an extent Sick Of It All. It is easy to like this album. You just gotta play it. Anders Ekdahl

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