Eisenkult “…gedenken wir der Fisnternis”

Eisenkult “…gedenken wir der Fisnternis” (Purity Through Fire)
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Medieval Deutscher Black Metal! Fierce and raw, Eisenkult is a new band formed by members of Mavorim, Totenwache and Meuchelmord, yet not without a deep touch for the folkloric and fantastical reaches of second-wave classicism. With exquisite taste in art as adorned by this impressive debut album’s cover, Eisenkult stylishly blend ferocity with plenty of feeling and at times, dungeon like atmospheres thanks to their lo-fi synth sounds a la Burzum. Moreover, the composing, arrangements and tempo changes on the 8 tracks reflect a mature and experienced musicianship confident of taking the listener back to an ancient landscape without pandering to any modern-day trends. With dreamy synths and lulling flutes opening ambiently, ‘Stahlross’ is the beast that pounces with all its savagery of screaming and blast beating, yet with a strong epic melody resonating which immediately hooks your heart in making it clear what this classy trio are all about. Indeed, things only get better on ‘Deprecatio’ with another powerful, alluring melody that contrasts superbly with frantic cracking snare work atop which twisted Germanic drawls and delicate piano tones evoke a wonderous atmosphere that you will not cease to be moved by. With musty synth melodies, the title track ‘Gedenken wir der Fisnternis’ initially takes on new wave / gothic tones complete with vampiric drawls before blasting off to a killer nihilistic riff of more black decadence through heretical screams and pumping double bass drumming that abruptly cuts off to the original goth ambience before cycling back yet again for a suitably mayhemic ending – fantastic! Another winner from the brilliance of Purity Through Fire…..
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