EISREGEN “Rostrot”

I remember Eisregen from when they were signed to Last Epitaph (Episode). Back then I didn’t think that they would amount to much. How wrong wasn’t I. They seem to have survived better than their old label. I had no idea what kind of re-acquaintance this would be. Instead of the weird and rather awkward one this turned out to be a rather good one. Not the weird Jägermeister induced trip down a strange German country road that I expected but more along the back streets of a German big city. The lyrics in German adds to the feeling of desolation and despair that together with the Rammstein, early 90s goth metal and 80s deathrash vibes I get make for an interesting trip. Maybe I should try looking up Eisregen’s back catalogue to check if they’ve always been this good. Anders Ekdahl

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