EISREGEN ”Satan liebt dich”

”Satan liebt dich”

Battle Helm Rating

This is one act that I always am looking forward to hearing. This is just an EP but I take anything I can get with EISREGEN. This one even features a cover by Martin Shirenc doing “Mein Eichensarg”. Martin who you might wonder. Martin of Pungent Stench fame. And if you don’t know who Pungent Stench are you gotta google them, after you have heard EISREGEN’s cover of Pungent Stench’s “For God You Soul”. Every time I hear EISREGEN I get a happy face. This is some of the coolest German extreme metal I know of. That they sing in German just adds to the extremity feeling of this. and the fact that you can sing along to it too just ads to the cult factor. This is the kinda stuff I could blast at full volume all day long. That is how happy this makes me. Anders Ekdahl

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