Ektomorf – “Black Flag”

Ektomorf – “Black Flag” (AFM Records)

Looks like the anger management didn’t work lol – “Black Flag” could be Ektomorf’s most loud n aggressive album to date! With his gypsy background frontman Zoltán “Zoli” Farkas has got plenty of resentment against the prejudices he has had to face in his life and certainly doesn’t pull any punches on songs like ‘War Is My Way’, ‘Fuck Your God’ and ‘Never Surrender’. Musically it’s a barrage that takes off where Sepultura or early Machine Head left off with hoarse angry vocals, heavy dirty guitar and destructive drum work. Considering their last release was an acoustic album, it looks like they’ve exorcised the angels and brought back the demons big time with “Black Flag”!!!

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