Ektomorf – “Fury”

Ektomorf – “Fury” (AFM Records) 

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Rising from a small town near the Romanian border to playing shows at the biggest European festivals (e.g. Wacken, With Full Force, Sziget, Rock am Ring), Ektomorf’s rise reflects the steadfast determination and tenacity of one Zoltán Farkas, a Hungarian gypsy no stranger to racial prejudice and bigotry. Channeling his rage and aggression into his band, Ektomorf’s break came when they started collaborating with famed Danish producer Tue Madsen. Since then they’ve steadily grown into the neo thrash groove machine famed for their ferocious live performances across Europe that have now landed them a massive fan base and headline status across the continent. Centered around super fat, syrup thick grooves pulsating with energy, Ektomorf have taken the ethnic beat and angst of Sepultura and honed it their own street stomping style where simplicity is more than made up through massively catchy hooks and grooves – and an almost insurmountable amount of aggression. “Fury”, the band’s 13th album speaks for itself through its title and continues the winning Tue Madsen formula across its 10 blistering numbers that while showing tempo variations from aggressive blast beating to slower angst ridden grind, remain intense throughout as if your very life depended on it. Reflected in Farkas’s hoarse bitter tones, they carry the rage of a person whose childhood past was beset by social injustice now unleashed explosively across tracks like ‘Skin Them Alive’ with its hyperspeed kick beats melded with whirring grooves dancing devilishly through your soul, while the rapid tempo changes and wailing guitar breaks only add to the instant catchiness of the song. On ‘Faith And Strength’ its the way the dirty guitar gives way to massive dervish riffs graced by wah drenched lead breaks while the never say die lyrics soak into the power of the hardcore street beat while on ‘If You’re Willing To Die’ the slow, chugging death riffola laced with guitar squeaks gives way to a massive chorus that stays constant to its simmering tones both in tempo and bottled hatred. New album, new line up but still true to his soul, Zoltán Farkas unleashes more fury classily delivered on yet another attention grabbing album. 

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