Ektomorf – “Reborn”

Ektomorf – “Reborn” (Napalm Records)
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Just in time to deliver that nasty bit of demolition, Hungary’s monster groove thrashers return with their 15th release in “Reborn”! Formed 26 years ago by guitarist / vocalist Zoltán ‘Zoli’ Farkas, whose gypsy ancestry has given him much cause over the years of prejudice and racism to ironically fuel Ektomorf’s aggressive music and lyrics, the 8 tracks here continue that winning formula as can be expected by the band’s fans. Not one to compromise or disappoint, Farkas ensures that time and again, whether it’s live or in the studio, Ektomorf reliably deliver the goods. Perhaps slightly thrashier this time around with a definite nod to ‘..Puppets..’ era Metallica on the instrumental ‘Forsaken’ melding pensive ambiance with wailing melodic guitars, the album as a whole features a massive, bottom heavy sound and as the furious chundering from the twin guitars of Farkas and Szebasztián Simon unload their abrasive furore on ‘Smashing The Past’, the speed hits as Kàlmàn Olàh adds in his double bass stampede to Farkas’ roars of ‘..this is not your future, this is not your life..’, and you get to appreciate where this guy’s coming from. Introing in gently through acoustics on ‘Where The Hate Conceives’, the raw but melodically wailing guitars crash in dramatically before the brutal thrash riffing creates another mosher, but with plenty of hooks brilliantly arranged throughout and timed to perfection with Farkas’ rough vocals and the superb percussion from Olàh, whose power and precision are amply displayed throughout this exciting album. Clanging in with ominous church bells and stormy atmospherics on ‘The Worst Is Yet To Come’, the twin guitars grind as darkly to create a classic Ektomorf groove as Farkas demands that you ‘…get down on your knees…’ as the tempo lifts slowly, and aside from the odd melody, remains a moody piece that broods in the mind as I’m sure Farkas has experienced on many a lonely night growing up. Showing plenty of diversity while remaining resolute to their roots, Ektomorf once again issue a top release and through their confident performance keep the thrash flag flying high.
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