Ektomorf – “Retribution”


Ektomorf – “Retribution” (AFM Records)

‘…every time I see your face, my rage…starts to burn!!!…’ – oh fuck yeah, if you loved old school Sepultura, you’re gonna love this!!!!! There is so much pissed off rage, so much anger and frustration on this album that it should come complete with a riot control warning. The mastermind of Zoltán “Zoli” Farkas, a gypsy from Hungary who’s grown up in the doubly repressive environments of racism and communist state control, it’s easy to see how he feels judging by abrasive songs like ‘Who The Fuck Are You’, ‘I Hate You’ and ‘Mass Ignorance’. Still, thanks to the nurturing of Tue Madsen, instead of one mindless outburst comes a heavy dervish groove machine armed with socially conscious lyrics capable of challenging any political system! Less than a couple of years since “Black Flag” and now armed with a new band, the energy is simply overflowing in the bitter roars of Farkas, accompanied by loads of heavy dirty guitars that simultaneously explode with pounding rhythms on monster waves of groove that simply make you want to slam your body to – awesome!! At times almost punk like it certainly evokes memories of “Arise” and “Chaos AD” in both its style and sound and with occasional dark interludes offering stark contrast to its otherwise brutal blight “Retribution” is aptly titled, the raging voice for the oppressed by the oppressed.

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